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Component Cleanliness Testing to ISO 16232

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Seeing a particle or particles i.e. dust most of us will get hold of a duster or a clean cloth and wipe them up, well done, no problem, you have a clean work surface. What happens when you cannot actually see the particles by eye and they are on a critical component you are working with, such as a turbocharger or fuel injection pipe, or maybe a knee replacement joint or an inhaler. What happens is, component failure and vehicle breakdown if you are in the automotive industry, if you are in Healthcare more than machinery can be affected.

To enable you to see these particles and subsequently remove them Particle Technology Ltd have installed a Component Cleanliness Analyser at their Derbyshire based laboratory. The system is available as a Cleanliness Verification Tool for companies who prefer to outsource this part of their quality control.  Our experienced staff are fully trained to perform cleanliness tests according to all major manufacturers requirements.  We are also happy to advise on how to satisfy or develop a cleanliness specification.

The Component Cleanliness Analyser measures the cleanliness of parts, components and systems for the auto industry in accordance with ISO STD 16232 and ISO STD 18413:2002. These standards specify the methods to be used for evaluating (extracting, analysing and expressing results) the cleanliness of specific component parts. These can be adapted for use on components not used in the auto industry.

The Component Cleanliness Analyser Verification service is available as a troubleshooting tool to help solve your in-house cleaning process issues and it is also used as an independent test house to verify the performance of both solvent and aqueous cleaning equipment. 

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