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Cleanliness Testing Contamination removal from components used in automotive, aerospace, hydraulics and production systems, to adhere to ISO cleanliness standards.

Sand and Dust Testing Particle Technology houses two of the largest driven sand testing and dust testing facilities in Europe.

Filter Testing Used to test reliability of components within critical fuel systems.

Test Dust We manufacture test dust to International Standards or to a customer’s own specification.

Fuel Contaminants Used to test reliability of components within critical fuel systems.

Particle Technology - Particle Testing & Manufacturing

As one of the UK's leading and most respected particle testing and manufacturing companies, Particle Technology operates at the forefront of product reliability, supplying and supporting customers all over the world. All this being carried out in our modern facilities which include a production area for Test Dust, Clean Room for Cleanliness Testing, Laboratories for Particle Characterisation and dedicated facilities for Sand and Dust Testing, one of which is the largest in the UK.

Accredited by UKAS (4109) for Sand and Dust Testing and working to ISO 9001 standards, we have the ability to test components that range in size from a mobile phone, through to large military vehicles where reliability is crucial and safety paramount.