Sand & Dust Testing

Challenge Your Products to Perform in the Harshest Conditions

Housing two of the largest commercial Sand and Dust testing facilities in Europe, Particle Technology is the ideal choice for customers needing to assess and improve how well their components, systems and products perform in desert and other unfavourable conditions.



Every environment presents its own challenges in terms of living and operating at an optimum level. For desert regions, the penetration of sand and dust into cracks and crevices, of anything from a mobile phone to a military vehicle, can have negative effects from minor abrasion or decreased filter performance through to complete malfunction and breakdown of equipment. For many of our customers, the proper function and efficiency of their products are vital not only in the short-term but over the product lifetime; making this type of environmental testing an essential part of the manufacturing and product qualification testing processes.

Accreditations for Sand & Dust Testing

Our commitment to quality is evident by our ISO 9001 approval by BSI for the manufacture of standardised test dusts and the provision of accredited testing services. Our UKAS schedule of accreditation to ISO 17025 demonstrates our technical competence and includes blowing sand and dust testing to internationally recognised standards including:

  • MIL-STD-810D/E/F/G/H
  • RTCA-DO-160E/F/G
  • DEF STAN 00-035:Part 3 Issue 5

See our schedule of accreditation here or search 4109 on the UKAS website.

There are numerous benefits to using accredited testing services like those offered by Particle Technology: you can be assured that the work you have commissioned will be completed to the highest standards, avoid the time and costs associated with assessing suppliers individually, and have an approved supply-chain that supports your own accreditation.

Sand & Dust Testing Facilities

With a dust test chamber, the largest of its kind in the UK, we are able to perform bespoke sand and dust testing to simulate desert conditions, controlling parameters such as dust concentration, air velocity, temperature and humidity throughout the test. We are ideally located in the East Midlands, UK, to help customers avoid incurring the additional cost of shipping components overseas for testing.

Our facilities include:

  • 12.5 x 4 x 6m blowing and turbulent dust chamber with a 4m-high access door
  • 4 x 4 x 3m blowing and turbulent dust chamber with a 2m-high access door which can be extended to 2.5m
  • 800mm square x 600mm high turbulent dust chamber
  • 300mm diameter dust driving application duct with an exit velocity of up to 30m/s
  • 150mm diameter dust driving application duct with an exit velocity of up to 60m/s
  • 90ºC maximum air temperature for driving sand and dust tests
  • Humidity control: guaranteed <30 % RH year-round


With the production of Test Dusts, a critical part of our operation at Particle Technology, we have a range of samples for you to choose from for application in our testing services, as well as the expertise to create bespoke Test Dusts to customer and project specification.

With all of our testing services, our experience, expertise and existing facilities allow us to tailor our offering to suit your specific needs where required. Whether it’s testing with a modified yet controlled test media, such as coarser sand to monitor the effects of abrasion, finer dust to challenge filtration systems or component seals, or carrying out testing at modified temperatures, concentrations or velocities – we can accommodate and discuss these details with you during your consultation.

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