Test Dust

Standard & Bespoke Test Dusts Used Worldwide

It was for the production of Test Dust that Particle Technology Ltd was first established – now, with more than 30 years’ experience, it remains one of our critical operations and supports the testing services that have been built around it.

We manufacture and supply more than 150 different Test Dust products used worldwide for the testing and certification of a wide range of equipment such as automotive and aerospace engines, filtration systems and machinery. The range can be extended further when considering the almost endless range of bespoke options that we can provide, depending on your specific requirements.

ISO 12103-2 M1, M2, M3, M4 & M5 shown in jars ready for distribution

With our Test Dusts, you can perform environmental simulation testing to confirm the safe and extended operation of products by simulating environments such as:

  • Typical households
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • The desert
  • The city
  • Gas pipelines
  • Aviation fuel systems
  • Aircraft compartments
  • On railways
  • On roads and racetracks

The most important reason to use our products, standardised or bespoke, is to give your test the value it deserves. Your testing should ideally be repeatable, by yourselves or third parties, and this can only be done if a controlled, specified dust/challenge material is used that remains consistent and available for further purchase. This is fundamental to any repeat testing.

All of our products are measured and certified to meet their specified properties, especially particle size distribution. Our ability to modify and tightly control the particle size distribution of various material powders and dusts, a key property of any Test Dust, ensures that repeatable testing can be achieved and results can be compared.

All of our products are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance and Safety Data Sheet. We can supply:

  • Test Sands
  • Fine Test Dusts
  • Other Test Dust/Challenge material mixtures

Bespoke Test Dusts produced to your own requirements, measured and certified in doing so

The Test Dust production department within Particle Technology has considerable experience in manufacturing material to meet UK, EU, US, Japanese and ISO Standards. Whether you require Standard Test Dusts, products manufactured to simulate the range of Arizona Test Dusts, or specific preparations with bespoke distribution and composition, we are able to meet your requirements

Our laboratories and product facility house a range of equipment enabling us to modify and control particle size and distribution powders and dusts, including:

  • Various mills and grinders
  • Custom-made air classifier
  • Multi-deck sieving machine – production and laboratory scale
  • Custom made forced segregation machine equipment

We have various particle size analysers available depending on the product being measured and utilise methods using Laser Diffraction, Sieve Analysis and Coulter Counter to certify that each batch of test dust produced meets its respective particle size distribution requirements.

particle size analysers

High purity silica sand falling from a container to show individual particles

Test Sand Range

EN 13181 Standard Sand
EN 13181 7 a) Fine
EN 13181 7 b) Coarse
MIL-E-5007 Endurance
MIL-E-5007 Sand (Ingestion test)
MIL-E-8593A Sand (Ingestion test)
MIL-E-8593A Endurance
MIL-STD-810D/E Sand (RTCA/DO-160E/F Sand, DEF STAN 00
35 Pt3 Iss4 5.2.2 Sand)
MIL-STD-810F/G/H Sand (RTCA/DO-160G Sand)


We also provide a full range of Fuel Contaminants and sieved fractions in a wide variety of materials and sizes – please see here for further information or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Fuel Contaminants

Test Dust Range

  • ARAMCO 32-SAMSS-008 (blended with salt)
  • ARAMCO 32-SAMSS-008 (blended without salt)
  • ARAMCO 32-SAMSS-008 (salt only)
  • ASHRAE 52.2 Loading Dust
  • BS 1701 Fine
  • BS 1701 Coarse (DEF STAN 00-035 Pt3 Iss5 A1.1.2 DUST)
  • BS EN 60529 (Talc)
  • DRB EN 149:2001 Dolomite
  • DEF STAN 0755 B Mix 50/50 Test Dust
  • DIN40050 – 9 cement flyash mix
  • ECE Reg 1 Annex 7 (0-212 Sand)
  • ISO 12103-1:2016 A1 Ultrafine – Arizona Simulant
  • ISO 12103-1:2016 A2 Fine – Arizona Simulant
  • ISO 12103-1:2016 A3 Medium – Arizona Simulant
  • ISO 12103-1:2016 A4 Coarse – Arizona Simulant
  • ISO 12103-2 M1
  • ISO 12103-2 M2
  • ISO 12103-2 M3
  • ISO 12103-2 M4
  • ISO 12103-2 M5
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 1
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 2
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 3
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 4
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 6
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 7 – Quartz based simulant
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 7 – Loam based simulant
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 8 – Quartz based simulant
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 8 – Loam based simulant
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 9
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 10
  • JIS Z 8901 Class 15 – Loam based simulant
  • JLR Vehicle Test Dust (STJLR.00.5224)
  • MIL-STD-810D/E Dust (RTCA/DO-160D Dust)
  • MIL-STD-810F/G/H Dust (RTCA/DO-160E/F/G Dust)
  • MIL-STD-810 F/G Settling Dust (Sub 105micron)
  • MIL-STD-810 F/G/H Red China Clay
  • R5
  • R10
  • R10 Fluorescent
  • R20
  • SAE J 726 Fine
  • SAE J 726 Coarse
  • SAE J 997 3.2.1 Coarse Carbon
  • SAE J 997 3.2.2 Fine Carbon

dust products

ISO 12103-2016 A1 Ultrafine Arizona Simulant shown against a ruler for scale

Specific Quantities

For certain tests, a very specific amount of Test Dust / contaminant may be required. For these scenarios, Particle Technology can offer pre-weighed bespoke quantities of test dusts or contaminants based on your individual requirements. This applies to both standard mixtures / products as well as bespoke mixtures / products.

This solution offers our customers traceability with regards to the amount of test dust used and saves the time and effort of weighing the product out onsite. Advantages here include there being no need to have or maintain precision balances onsite and less handling of the product – test dusts will often present hazards to health by inhalation and measures including respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and local exhaust ventilation (LEV) are required when handling the material. With this option, the full amount is simply added straight from the container to the test media (airstream or liquid).

Using pre-weighed aliquots also offers a solution for segregation of product, where the larger particles will separate out from the finer particles in a mixture – this occurs during transport, handling or use and is overcome by thorough mixing and taking representative samples from larger quantities of test dust. When taking samples, there is a chance that the quantity of test dust taken was not properly / homogeneously mixed. This would result in potentially skewing the distribution of the sample taken and the remaining test dust.

Our pre-weighed solution gives our customers confidence that all of the test material added to their test met the applicable requirements. These products are available in quantities ranging from milligrams to kilograms weighed using high precision UKAS–calibrated balances.

If this could be useful to you, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further and we will be happy to help.


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