Particle Size Standards

Calibration, Validation and Testing

Particle Technology Ltd works closely with the world-leading manufacturer of particle size standards, Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Duke Scientific/Duke Standards), and can supply their full range of Certified Particle Size Standard Microspheres.

NIST traceable polymers

Available as highly uniform microspheres in a range of materials, colours and sizes from 20nm to 3000µm – these particle standards can be used by manufacturers and users for calibration, verification and validation of all types of particle sizing systems and instruments, as well as being used extensively in the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Each standard is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability. The certificate includes a description of the calibration method, a table of its chemical and physical properties and a Safety Data Sheet which includes handling and disposal instructions.

Uniform polymer beads

Uniform Polymer Beads

Reliably develop, standardise and validate particle counting and sizing instruments

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Polymer-Co-Polymer Bead Suspensions

Polymer/ Co-Polymer Bead Suspensions

Accurately analyse non-diagnostic particulates of various sizes and properties

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NIST Traceable Standards

NIST Traceable Size Standards

Calibrate and validate particle sizing and counting instruments with various polystyrene, silica or glass beads in a broad range of sizes

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Count controls particle size standards

Count Controls

Maximise instrument repeatability, reproducibility and performance accuracy for laser particle counters measuring particulate matter in air, surface or liquid applications

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Flouro Max Particle size standards

Fluoro-Max Fluorescent Beads

Develop highly-sensitive contamination control tests with beads that emit bright colours when illuminated by fluorescent or UV light

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Dry-microsphere standards

Dry Microsphere Size Standards

Calibrate air particle counters for pharma, healthcare, biotech and electronics

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Chromosphere T-Size Standards

Chromosphere-T Size Standards

For use as reference or calibration materials, these particles are dyed red and black for applications where high contrast is required

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