Carbon Black Contaminant

ISO 4020:2001 5.2.1 Organic Contaminant Concentrate

ISO 4020:2001 5.2.1 organic contaminant concentrate (diesel/soot/carbon contaminant) is manufactured at our production facility located in Hatton, UK.  The product is a mixture of carbon black, oil and additives that is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure a homogenous mixture and well dispersed solids.

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Mixer Black


The organic contaminant is used along with the ISO 12103-2 M2, also manufactured by Particle Technology, in the testing of diesel fuel filters as described in ISO 4020 6.4.

Historically manufactured by HORIBA MIRA in the UK, production moved to Particle Technology in early 2023 and is incorporated into our portfolio of test dust and contaminant products.



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