Particle Technology Products

Our products are used worldwide for the testing and certification of a wide range of high-performance engines, machines, systems and equipment. Perform quality control and reliability assessments with products manufactured to ISO, EN, BS, SAE standards and more.

Various test dusts

Test Dust

Choose from Standard Test Dusts or bespoke products for testing and certification of a wide range of equipment, such as automotive and aerospace engines, filtration systems and machinery.

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AMC-CS-E670 Fuel contaminant with carbon rods

Fuel Contaminants

Test the reliability of components within critical fuel and hydraulic oil systems in the aerospace and automotive sectors using a wide range of standardised or bespoke contaminants.

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NIST traceable size standards

Particle Size Standards

Choose from an extremely wide variety of glass microspheres, from ultra-narrow, high sphericity beads to very basic beads used for less stringent applications.

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Component cleanliness rig, manufactured to customers own requirements

Component Cleanliness & Flushing Equipment

Carry out Cleanliness Testing at your own site using a Component Cleanliness Analyser Cabinet, commissioned from and installed by us.

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Carbon Black Contaminant

ISO 4020:2001 5.2.1 organic contaminant concentrate (diesel/soot/carbon contaminant) is manufactured at our production facility located in Hatton, UK.

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