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Component Cleanliness Analyser

Component Cleanliness Analyser

Due to increasing demand for technical cleanliness it is essential that manufacturers and suppliers can accurately measure the amount of contamination that remains on a component after a multi stage cleaning process.

In addition to providing the laboratory service for cleanliness testing, Particle Technology also supplies the Component Cleanliness Analyser Cabinet.

Contamination removal and analysis is carried out in accordance with International Standards ISO 16232 / VDA 19. These standards specify the methods to be used for evaluating (extracting, analysing and expressing results) the cleanliness of component parts.

Component Cleanliness Analyser
The analyser is a mobile system comprising of a pressure rinse cabinet that can be designed to use either water or solvent based contamination removal media and can be installed in any location with a 240 volt single phase power supply.

The contamination is captured on a membrane filter and then analysed on a Leica microscope using unique software to identify particles in different size classes including longest particle and fibres according to the applicable test standards applied. The microscope system can also categorise particles into reflective and non-reflective to give an indication on the ratio of metallic and non-metallic particles.

The Cleanliness Analyser is designed in accordance with customer requirements and is based on the dimensions of the components under test.