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Particle Size Standards

Particle Size Standards

General Purpose Glass Beads

Particle Technology Ltd has an extremely wide variety of glass microspheres for many applications from ultra-narrow, high sphericity beads used for cosmic dust simulation experiments or nuclear fallout studies to very basic beads used for less stringent applications such as oil absorbers, plastic fillers and geological or sedimentation research.

General Purpose Glass Microspheres-Narrow Distribution Sieve Fractions

  • Over 30 grades from 38µm to 4mm.
  • One of the largest range of sieve fractions available.
  • Created by high performance sonic sieving process.
  • 90% within the normal particle size distribution.
  • Sieves used are calibrated to NPL and NIST standards.
  • Weights 100g to 400g, larger sizes may be available on request.
  • Shape sorting and size distribution services available if required.

General Purpose Glass Microspheres Product List

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General Purpose Glass Microspheres Product List

NIST Traceable Monodisperse Standards (Duke)

Duke Scientific
Particle Technology Ltd supplies the full range of Duke Scientific Certified Particle Size Standard Microspheres. Founded in 1971 Duke Scientific was the first size company to design and produce particle standards for industrial laboratories. Duke are now the leading supplier of NIST traceable certified particle standards.

Available as highly uniform polymer, glass or silica microspeheres in a range of sizes from 20nm to 2000µm. These particle standards can be used by manufacturers and users for calibration, verification and validation of all types of particle sizing systems and instruments.

Each standard is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration and Treaceablity. The certificate includes a description of the calibration method, a table of its chemical and physical properties and a Material Safety Data Sheet which includes handling and disposal instructions.

Duke Scientific Product List