Particle testing experts, Particle Technology Ltd, has recently acquired a new building to house a dedicated filter test facility.

Particle Tech Machinery

Due to the increased demand for filter testing and the need to be able to test a wide range of filter media, Particle Technology has decided to invest in the facilities required to increase the range of tests and services available to its customers.

Particle Technology’s services include sand and dust testing, cleanliness testing, filter testing, particle sizing and particle identification.

Having many years’ worth of experience in filter testing, and even more experience and expertise in the field of particle characterisation, Particle Technology is in a strong position in terms of its service offering – current investments being made into the filter testing will strengthen this superb service.

Along with current filter testing (for example to BS ISO 5011:2014), Particle Technology aims to improve and expand capabilities for testing in accordance with BS EN 779:2012. This is likely to encompass many aspects of the forthcoming ISO 16890 specification.