IP (Ingress Protection) Testing

Ensure Your Products are Protected

Particle Technology has over 15 years’ experience in carrying out IP Testing to BS EN 60529 and ISO 20653 standards. We have one of the largest testing facilities in Europe and specialise in testing very large or heavy items which would otherwise be difficult to test.

High turbulent dust chamber, 800mm x 600mm used for IP testing

IP Testing can be broken down as:

  • Protection against ingress from solid objects – ranging from 2.5mm probe testing through to fine dust testing with the equipment under negative pressure
  • Protection against ingress from water – ranging from low pressure spraying through to high pressure, high-temperature jets or full submersion

The facilities at Particle Technology allow us to carry out this testing on equipment ranging in size from a mobile phone to large vehicles, all to the strict requirements of ISO 17025. This is what sets us apart from our competition and why our customers continue to choose our services.

IP ratings on your products provide your customers with the confidence that your products can withstand the effects of, or even prevent completely, the ingress of water and dust at even the harshest of severities.

An explanation of the IP rating system along with our testing ability is shown below. If this is of interest or you have any questions about how we meet your requirements, please get in touch with one of our technical experts today.

Ingress Protection Rating Guide

We are continually expanding our range of IP Testing

In 2017, we established a significantly larger (~15,000l) immersion tank for testing to IPX7 and IPX8. This allows for our testing to apply to a much wider range of customer products and equipment.

In 2020, we commissioned the custom build of a much-improved pressure washer capable of meeting and exceeding the severe requirements of IPX9K. Currently, this test does not form part of our UKAS schedule (watch this space!) but we apply the same commitment to quality as we do to all of the activities we carry out.

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