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Filter Testing

Particle Technology filter testing

Particle Technology filter
Efficient inlet air cleaning for HVAC systems, internal combustion engines and compressors is vital if you are to maintain the required standard of indoor air quality within a building, or to prevent a breakdown of a road vehicle or compressor. The essential performance characteristics are differential pressure across the filter at a specified air flow rate, particle removal efficiency, arrestance and dust holding capacity.

Particle Technology Ltd has many years experience in air filter efficiency testing to various standards including ISO 5011 and more recently to EN 779, which will shortly be expanded to include ISO 16890. Using our test facilities we can conduct air filter performance testing in a number of formats using a range of test materials to simulate real life conditions.

Particle Technology has access to a range of fans and compressors allowing air flow rates up to 6000 m3/hr to be achieved. A selection of calibrated dust feeders are available which enables dust concentrations to be controlled from a few mg/m3 up to hundreds of g/m3.

Palas Welas 3000 particle counters are used to measure the concentration of particles upstream and downstream of the test filter in order to accurately determine the filtration efficiency at different particle sizes.

If you are testing big or small air filters and you do not have a filter housing available then we will design and manufacture bespoke test filter housings, ensuring reliable and repeatable results. This can be especially useful if the filters being tested are for large vehicles such as locomotives, where the filter housings may be incorporated into the vehicle and not easily removed.