The UK’s leading reliability testing laboratory, Particle Technology Ltd, has been granted an extension of scope to our schedule of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 by UKAS (lab 4109).

As well as Environmental testing (such as Sand and Dust testing and Ingress Protection testing – IP testing) our schedule of accreditation now incorporates Cleanliness Testing. Full details available on the UKAS Website UKAS website  – just search for our Lab number 4109.

Our UKAS accredited cleanliness testing methods are based on ISO 16232-2:2007, ISO16232-3:2007, ISO16232-4:2007, ISO16232-6:2007 and ISO16232-7:2007 and can be tailored to suit most manufacturers requirements. This shows our proficiency to test a wide variety of components from automotive to aerospace.

The extension of scope granted by UKAS shows:

•The competency, reliability and integrity incorporated into the testing performed at Particle Technology Ltd

•That we are the first independent laboratory in the UK to offer ISO/IEC 17025 accredited cleanliness testing to ISO 16232.

•Our testing facilities are suitable for customers requiring this accreditation for legal or internal quality decision making reasons.

In recent years we have seen the demand for testing for cleanliness rise which, in the most part, is due to reasons such as warranty claims – the need to provide tested and traceably clean components is passed down the supply chain. Manufacturers required to use only accredited laboratories can now rest assured that Particle Technology can meet their cleanliness testing needs and present our test reports with confidence in their validity and credibility.